Thursday, 24 October 2013

We have a project coming up but may need some assistance. If there is anybody that lives in Eathorpe that might be willing to help us we would be thrilled to hear from you as soon as possible. Please email us at Full details published here very soon so please do check back in.

This week it has been announced that amongst other projects, of which 24 are shrouded in secrecy for commercial reasons. The Government has agreed to underwrite the cost of UCG company FiveQuarter Energy's gas plant in the 'desolate' North East should it not attract the required investment. This means, they have been gifted some of the nations coal reserves and will operate a plant, for profit, for which we will have paid. During these dark days of austerity, does it seem slightly crazy that this Government will support this dirty, dangerous and experimental UCG by using our money in this way? As has been pointed out on Facebook, the renewable projects are and should be commended, which makes it all the more tragic that a UCG project should be bundled quietly along with them. The majority of the Directors of FiveQuarter energy are academics from Newcastle University who have wrote many pro-UCG papers but critically lack the experimental data and only have theory for the most part. One must assume that FiveQuarters UCG projects will provide them the experimental data they crave, as well as a significant cash lump sum if they sell the projects to commercial developers.

It is also worth pointing out that massive UK landowner, the Duke of Buccleuch own a 5% stake in Five Quarter and have expressed an interest in cashing in on the dash for gas. Chiefly by allowing unconventional gas operations on their land. If you are aware of any land owned locally by the Dukes estate, then of course we would be happy to hear from you.

Also this week, news that French energy firm EDF have bailed out the Governments ambition to build the new nuclear power plant at Hinkley point by Chinese contractors. This is another one of those magical plans that politicians claim will lower energy bills. They decline to mention that the plant will not come online for at least another 10 years by which time current energy prices will already have doubled.. at least.
Today it has been anounced that another French company GdF Suez (merged Gaz de France with Suez - who also own Sita waste have taken a stake in UK fracking prospectors Dart Energys UK licenses. Dart now has the capital available to execute its UK licenses, alongside its Scottish operations it is also exploring the Marches and South Wales.
We already know that British Gas owners Centrica have a large stake in infamous frackers Cuadrilla, now GdF Suez have joined the club by taking a stake in one of the other major UK frackers. Igas and Shale Gas plc have also been looking for investment.

Topical this week with all the coverage about energy prices, and especially if your concerned about any of the extreme energy so called unconventional gas methods and policies then please do consider 'unfracking yourself', the major energy providers are involved and I highly recommend considering switching suppliers - in fact it could be your first step. This site : is very good.
The big 6 do not neccessarily mean the cheapest or reliable 6, I have switched to a supplier not in the big 6 committed to investing 100% into renewables, which is where it sources 100% of the energy it currently sells. they have also just improved their guarantee of matching big 6 prices by promising to be consistently cheaper. If you do switch please do feedback to your traditional supplier why you decided to do so.

Just in today, and as usual the headlines are always about Fracking and not often enough about the 'nuclear option' of UCG. The National Trust talks to The Times about its land and policy to unconventional gas. Please do contact them if you are a member and let them know your opinion.

As always please do continue to share our petition, it has come alive again recently due to people informing others of it. If we all continue to do so it will only get bigger.

Many thanks to Chuck in the USA who agreed to modify the Warwickshire coat of arms into a banner / group logo. The latin remains from the original - Non Sanz Droict - Not Wthout Right. The bear chained to the ragged staff has been changed bear and a drill derrick from which the bear has broken its bonds.

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