Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dont Believe The Hype, Proof They Haven't Been Fracking For Decades!

DECC confirms that high volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing has NOT been going on for decades in the UK.

It has happened ONCE - in Lancs - when it triggered earth tremors.
This exposes the misinformation we are given by Peter Lilley, Peter Styles, et al - who erroneously cite the Royal Society etc., and whom you now can see for yourselves are speaking with forked tongue. (Listen here for Lilley's version)

Regarding these industry invested ministers' and frackadaemics' reprehensible public claims of there having been 200 UK fracked wells according to the Royal Society...

The Royal Society said:

“The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering working group received this number from evidence taken from government officials."

DECC said:

"we believe that at least 200 did have hydraulic fracturing treatments of some kind, but we would emphasise that these non-shale fracs are not comparable, in the volumes of fluid employed, to Cuadrilla’s operations at Preese Hall in 2011 – the non-shale fracs are much smaller."

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