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So what is UCG (underground coal gasification)?

So what is UCG (underground coal gasification)?
This page from the website explains the fundamental process and its inherent risks. - UCG

We encourage all the people within Warwickshire to investigate what a UCG plant would look like on the landscape, the amount of traffic it will generate, the historical 'accidents' with associated contamination of both the aquifer and the surface. In short, this should not be performed anywhere, let alone in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. It is unprecedented to conduct this onshore and inland.

The picture below shows the area that the licence will cover for UCG. The villages of Leamington Hastings, Marton, Birdingbury, Hill, Princethorpe and Eathorpe are particularly threatened, as is Dunchurch, Draycote Reservoir, Southam and Leamington Spa. This should be of great concern not just to those directly affected but to everyone in Warwickshire and around the Country.

A public meeting will hopefully take place on the evening of Wednesday September 4th at 7pm, this is yet to be confirmed by the venue and should be announced by Monday 12th August. Guest speakers from the national grassroots Frack-Off group will attend to speak and offer information and guidance. The venue is in Rugby town centre with a capacity of about 100 people.

The government licence notice to conduct UCG in Warwickshire can be viewed on the DECC web page here > DECC Licence application UCG Warwickshire.

The latest from Warwickshire County Council is they claim that they have had no contact from any energy company with a proposal or planning application to conduct unconventional gas extraction. They are currently writing a new minerals strategy which will be completed next year. the current minerals strategy does not cover unconventionals as they felt it was not needed at time of writing. They say they will con...sult with the mineral industry as part of the process. The DECC have received bids to obtain the licence to conduct UCG in Warwickshire. Did they inform US about this? They (Cluff) hoped to quietly sneak this in beyond the planning application stage when it is too late to stop it. Exercise your democratic rights and demand your voice is heard too.

Please spread the word throughout the community.
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