Monday, 19 August 2013

Pure deception by Pro Fracking "Expert" in our recent publicity!

Be aware, of cosy relationships and misinformation.

Last week, NO
 UCG‬ Warks took part in BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio and BBC Midlands Today television articles on the UCG threat to Warwickshire. In both instances a academic mining 'expert' Prof. Paul Younger of Glasgow University also took part. Paul gave the impression of being an impartial and unbiased commentator and claimed that UCG was well established, safe and would trap all CO2 in the gasification voids, almost mocking peoples concerns as unfounded.

What Paul and the BBC didnt tell you was that he is the Technical Director of CluffGeothermal and sits on the board with Algy Cluff, of Cluff Natural Resources. The very same Cluff that has applied for the license to operate in Warwickshire. 

The license which will be granted by The Coal Authority and will be developed into a commercial operation by consultant Keith Leighfield for Cluff. Keith's former job was as director of licensing for The Coal Authority.

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